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Minerva Business Park Peterborough, PE2 6QR
enquiries@tuto.org.uk Email us at any time
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Pension Release
For IFAs and Professional Firms Only

Our Background and Pedigree

Tuto provide an end to end defined benefit pension transfer service for IFA’s and professional firms, who are looking for Pension Transfer Specialist (TPS) services for their clients prior to them continuing to provide ongoing investment advice post transfer.

In addition, Tuto also provide a bespoke private client service for introductions from professional connections who cannot offer an ongoing investment service to the client.

Our director, Tim Eadon, is a chartered adviser with the CII and has over 20 year’s technical experience in providing pension advice including working with Commercial Union, Aviva and running the complex case team at Sesame.

Tim has also worked closely with the CII as an examiner, making G60 papers and more recently as a founding examiner for R06 and various advanced papers.

Tim took up the full-time post of CEO of the Personal Finance Society (PFS) after the merging of LIA and SOFA, before returning to private practice in recent years.

He is therefore uniquely placed to be able to lead a team of industry experts in providing focused pension transfer specialist advice for both DB and DC transfers together with providing a holistic service for those clients who wish to encompass their future pension planning within their overall financial planning strategy.

Clear and Fair Pricing

Tuto believe that whilst the field of defined benefit transfers and safeguarded benefits is currently a minefield of potential litigation and regulatory backlash, clients should be offered the opportunity to review their current arrangements and if appropriate transfer at reasonable cost.

To this end Tuto have a fully transparent and competitively costed fee arrangement to provide a value for money professional service aligned with a highly professional and bespoke service for each of the introducing IFA’s and their clients.

Client Pass Back Service

One of the most popular services offered by Tuto is the ability for a client to be passed over to one of our qualified pension transfer specialists to carry out an initial evaluation and if appropriate recommend the defined benefit transfer before then passing the client back for ongoing fully regulated investment advice from their original financial adviser.

By working in this way regulated advisers can utilise the specialist knowledge and expertise offered by Tuto whilst retaining their professional connection with the client and being safe in the knowledge that the transfer has been handled and signed off by a team of industry professionals without the need for the adviser to have ongoing responsibility for the initial transfer advice.

Clearly Defined Service Standards

Tuto has identified that many pension transfer specialists, currently have exceptional workloads due to the current high demand for the evaluation and placement of pension transfer business. This in turn has created frustration with both advisers and clients alike and in some circumstances, has lead to guarantee periods being passed without the work actually being completed. This scenario can then very easily lead to financial loss if revaluations are lower than previously provided or waiting period is imposed by the scheme trustees.

Tuto have therefore produced clearly defined service standards which encompass a free of charge and no obligation initial evaluation and TVAS report being provided within 72 hours of an IFA providing a fact find scheme information and client specific detail to the company. This is then followed by a turnaround in producing application documents transfer certificates and suitability report within 14 days of the client agreeing to progress with the transfer process.

A Fresh Approach to Treating Customers Fairly

Tim’s view is that all clients should have the opportunity to have an initial review of their case without cost or obligation by a fully regulated and compliant entity. The client and their normal adviser may then following this initial evaluation decide to proceed to transfer or in the case where the advice is to remain within their current arrangements can relax in the knowledge that they have received a professional assessment without incurring considerable cost.

The ability to assess a transfer in this way is rarely the case if the client or their adviser has approached any of the other pension transfer specialist service companies.

A Fresh Approach to Case Evaluation

With the introduction of pension freedoms and current unprecedented economic conditions that are producing cash equivalent transfer values (CETV’s) of sometimes epic proportions it has never been more important to engage pension transfer specialists who have a clear view of both the benefits and pitfalls of the current transfer regime and who can provide truly independent and client focused advice as to whether transferring could be in their best interests both now and later in life.

Using a range of financial and cash flow management tools Tuto produce both high quality initial responses to a client’s situation together with ultimately providing full details of the recommended advice in an easily understood format for those individuals who opt to transfer and take advantage of the new pension freedoms regime.

Last-Minute Transfer Service

Whilst Tuto normally ask for at least one month to be available to them prior to the end of the guarantee period they also offer a fast track service for defined benefit transfer applications with a minimum of 14 days prior to transfer.


Telephone Conferencing

To assist Tuto’s introducers the company also offers the opportunity for three-way telephone conferencing between the client the IFA and the pension transfer specialist to ensure that all parties in the decision-making process are fully engaged and a clear understanding of the pros and cons of transferring are professionally presented and recorded for the future.

Client Visits

Tuto also understand that in some instances a client visit by one of their pension transfer specialists will be required for those cases where perhaps the fund is owned by a vulnerable or sick client wishing their family to be involved or the transfer value is significant.

This service is available upon request and charges for carrying out this work will be fully discussed and agreed with both the introducer and client prior to the visit.

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